The world's first cloud-native 3D digital content creation platform Taitopia made its debut

Yidong Ma Product Director

The 1990s was the golden age for personal computers and computer graphics. From 1986, when Pixar Animation Studios was founded, to 1995, when Toy Story was released, a host of great digital content creation software came and went. The lineup includes Houdini, Maya (formerly Alias SoftImage), Cinema4D, and Blender. Decades later, they still have a dominating presence in the market of 3D content creation.

Sadly, the ever-growing demand driven by technological advances for finer image qualities and visual effects is accompanied with the increasingly higher bar to entry and soaring production costs. A design tool could well take hundreds of hours to grasp; a small clip of animation could be worth a king's ransom; only a small collection of top studios are capable of producing a blockbuster animation film; a triple-A game could take a large team ages to develop... To make matters worse, the production pipeline normally involves multiple design tools, making 3D digital content creation a formidable task for any individual creator.

Now, online sharing is made possible by technology and every individual is given an opportunity to express themselves. To answer the call of the times, pioneers are looking to democratize all design tools using cloud computing technologies. Above all these initiatives are the cloud-based 2D design tools Canva and Figma, which are designed to make 2D content creation and team collaboration easier and faster. Still, a cloud-native platform to fill in the blank for 3D digital content creation is highly anticipated.

The old-fashioned way for 3D content creation

Before you begin, you must be able to afford a high-end graphics card. You must have the luxury to wade through numerous online video tutorials to get yourself familiar with the newly downloaded 4GB trial-version tool.

Still there? Ok. But you are still not all set. After creating a blank canvas in the design tool, you inevitably fall into the endless cycle of modeling, texturing, parameter tweaking, idling away hours waiting for the rendered results, tweaking again, and idling again...

You can certainly relate now. HOWEVER, finishing off your final touch to your digital assets is not the end of the tunnel. You have to save and upload them onto Google drive for your collaborators to download. And they may suffer the same thing that you've just gone through!

Several hours later, ugh, well, you get a house so 'surreal'... Alas. The old way can be a nightmare!


3D content creation in Taitopia


With Taitopia, all you need to do is to open a web browser, drag a house from the asset library, tweak and view in real-time, and share the URL with your team. See, Bob's your uncle! Nice~


Key takeaway: why Taitopia?

Using the Taichi programming language and cloud-native technologies, Taichi Graphics has delivered the world's first cloud-native 3D digital content creation platform Taitopia to help every creator in the world create inspiring digital artworks and storylines.

  • A web browser is all you need to get started; a prohibitively expensive graphics card is no longer a necessity.
  • You can get up to speed with the templates and the intuitive use cases provided by the community, without the need to watch video tutorials for hours.
  • You can view in real-time and no longer need to wait for the rendered results.
  • You can share your assets right in your browser with a URL, without the need to upload and download.
  • You can work seamlessly with others on the same scene; review and edit can be done simultaneously.


Nowadays, the general public is getting used to editing photos using a mobile app at hand or logging onto a website to quickly put together a decent poster. And increasingly so for video and visual effect editing. Complex design tools are seen being replaced by myriads of intuitive, user-friendly mobile apps. And indeed, creativity is unleashed when the tooling is greatly simplified.

At Taichi Graphics, we are on a mission to unleash creativity. The world's first cloud-native 3D digital content creation platform Taitopia is our answer to the call of the times. However, there's still a long journey ahead. We invite you to join us and create the future together!