1. What does the name “Taichi” stand for?
    • In traditional Chinese philosophy,  “Taichi” means the initial state of the cosmos, before everything appears. It's the oneness before duality, where Yin and Yang originate. Since Taichi is a physically based simulation (of rigid/deformable/fluid dynamics/light transport) library, I expect in the future it can be considered as the genesis of a virtual cosmos, corresponding to its name.
    • Please refer to wikipedia for more details of this concept.
  2. Then why “太極” instead of “太极”?
    • “太極” is a word from not only traditional Chinese, but also modern Japanese. Considering the fact that a significant part of Taichi (10+ papers and the general software framework) was done during my internship at The University of Tokyo hosted by Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka and Prof. Toshiya Hachisuka, I thereby chose this word in the intersection of two languages in memory of my time at UTokyo, which is my happiest semester during undergrad.
  3. Why “Taichi” instead of “Taiji” or something else?
    • There are other spellings of Taichi, such as “Taiji”(Pinyin), but I find “Taichi” easier to pronounciate for English native speakers.

My other projects (that run in your browser)


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