1. What does the name “Taichi” stand for?
    • In traditional Chinese philosophy,  “Taichi” means the initial state of the cosmos, before everything appears. It's the oneness before duality, where Yin and Yang originate. Since Taichi is a physically based simulation (of rigid/deformable/fluid dynamics/light transport) library, I expect in the future it can be considered as the genesis of a virtual cosmos, corresponding to its name.
    • Please refer to wikipedia for more details of this concept.
  2. Then why “太極” instead of “太极”?
    • “太極” is a word from not only traditional Chinese, but also modern Japanese. Considering the fact that a significant part of Taichi (10+ papers and the general software framework) was done during my internship at The University of Tokyo hosted by Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka and Prof. Toshiya Hachisuka, I thereby chose this word in the intersection of two languages in memory of my time at UTokyo.
  3. Why “Taichi” instead of “Taiji” or something else?
    • There are other spellings of Taichi, such as “Taiji”(Pinyin), but I find “Taichi” easier to pronounciate for English native speakers.

My other projects (that run in your browser)


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Not a Number (Chinese) - A puzzle game I wrote for my girlfriend. It got 15,000 plays within 10 days after posting.