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About Taichi

Taichi is an open-source physically based computer graphics library, with implementations of 40+ graphics papers.

I would like to thank Prof. Toshiya Hachisuka and Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka for making possible my internship at UTokyo, where I developed the initial part of Taichi.

About Me


Yuanming Hu  胡渊鸣

(My last name is pronounced as "who" instead of "hue"; yes, I'll hopefully be Dr. "Who" in 5-7 years.)

Senior undergrad at Tsinghua University
Special Pilot Computer Science Class (Yao Class)
Expected Graduation: July 2017   GPA: 91/100 (5th / 33)

Research Interest: computer graphics
Email:                      LinkedIn

Programming Contests

Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2012, China District

China National Olympiad in Informatics 2012

ACM-ICPC Asia Changsha Regional Contest 2013, with my team

ACM-ICPC Asia Shanghai Regional Contest 2014, with my team

International Olympiad in Informatics 2013

China National Olympiad in Informatics 2014

Gold Medal, 1st / 450

Gold Medal, 13th / 350

Gold Medal, 3rd / 200

Gold Medal, 5th / 250

China Team Candidate

Problem Setter


Publicity department of the students’ union in Yao Class
As a member (2014.4-2015.3) and then the head (2015.3-2015.9), in charge of photography and graphic design.

Research Intern@Face++ 2015.3-2015.6
Face recognition research using deep learning.

Technical Assistant Intern@Oriental DreamWorks 2015.7-2015.8
Software engineering for render farm task monitoring and auto-translation plugins.


Graphics Engineer@Phantouch Technology 2015.9-2015.12
Built a real-time graphics system with low motion-to-photon latency.

Internship Student@the University of Tokyo 2016.3-2016.6
Computer graphics research (physically based animation and rendering) with Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka and Prof. Toshiya Hachisuka. I implemented 10+ graphics papers during this internship and designed a software framework for unified simulation and rendering, which turns out to be important components of Taichi.


Undergraduate Visiting Researcher@Stanford University 2016.6-2016.8
Computer vision research with Prof. Ron Fedkiw. We developed a novel line segment based reconstruction algorithm for thin tree twigs which outperforms state of the art.


Research Intern@Microsoft Research Asia 2016.9-
Computer vision research with Sr. Researcher Dr. Stephen Lin and Dr. Baoyuan Wang. We developed a novel color constancy algorithm that outperforms previous state of the art with a 100-fold speed increase. Results are accepted as an oral paper to CVPR 2017.



FC^4:Fully Convolutional Color Constancy with Confidence-weighted Pooling
Yuanming Hu, Baoyuan Wang, Stephen Lin

CVPR'17, Oral


Programming Languages:

        Proficient in C/C++(14), Python 2/3, GLSL, Java, CoffeeScript/JavaScript

        Capable of Mathematica, Haskell, CUDA, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Bash

Tools: OpenGL, Vim, Git, svn, Qt, ssh, TensorFlow, LaTeX, CMake, Visual Studio, CLion, tmux

(Natural) Languages: Chinese (native), English

        TOEFL: 112/120 (speaking 26)

        GRE: 327/340 (verbal 157, quantitive 170, AW 3.5)


Photography, graphic design, animated films, creating and destroying everything in my physically based simulators